Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to sew a crazy quilt clothespin bag.

Finally I can share photos of my clothespin bag with all of you, I just want advise you that the clothespin that you see in the pictures is longer than the previous one I showed in my previous publication.

I will upload pictures of the two for you to understand. What happened was that
when I finished sewing the first time the clothespin, I found that it was not long
enough, here are the photos:

This is before

This is after

It was at  the end that I decided to do it longer so,  it took me a few more days to finish this
project, now the clothespin measures 16.5 "and is large enough for all my

Now that this is explained, I can start with the tutorial
In my previous post I shared with you all the steps that I did before starting to
sew my project. Click Here for the first part of the tutorial. Today I will share with you some photos I took during the creation of my project.

Once I finished drawing my pattern, I began to create my crazy quilt,
and I used the technique which I explained in this tutorial, but I'll show some
stages that I did.

To begin  I cut a 5 sided piece of fabric, and a piece of lace, put one over the

Then I used my technique, SEW, FLIP, IRON and CUT the surplus of fabrics.
I'll show what I mean, I cut a second piece of fabric and I will place this piece
on top of the first piece, wrong sides togheter.

sew using 1/4" seam allowance and trim to obtein a straight edge

Flip the second piece of fabric over to conceal the seam and expose the right side
of the fabrics, and iron.

cut another piece of fabric and repeat the same steps, if you want to add a piece
of trim, what we do is position the trim and match the edges

add another piece of fabric on top of the trim, match the edges one more time

and sew, flip, iron and cut the excess of fabric.
For questions about this technique I invite you to read the tutorial with every
step that I published previously and that is *here*

I put together my crazy quilt in this way, adding pieces of fabric each time and
sometimes adding a piece of lace or trim

Every so often you have to go checking the form that is taking this crazy quilt, to
see how it's going on, to do this I will  put the crazy quilt fabric, on my
pattern, this allows me to see where I have to keep adding fabric.

I created several pieces of crazy quilt and I'm going to put them together later.

When all the pieces are joined, it will look something like this

I put the  pattern paper on the fabric and cut, the center and the outer edge.

Now I have a more nice pattern to work on.

I started to make the embellishment, to do that I made a sandwich with a layer of
stabilizer first, then a layer of batting and finally the fabric, I added decorative stitches,
crochet flowers and buttons.

To finish the front, I cut a piece of lining with the shape of the pattern, I put
the wrong side in front of me, put the crazy quilt on the lining and I finished the
part where the hole is, using a piece of trim that I sewed all around it.

The back side of the front panel it looks like this

Then I prepared the back side of the clothespin bag, I placed a piece of backing
fabric, batting and the outer fabric,

and sewed together using a running stitch

I added a bit of trim on the top of both sides to hide the hole where it will come
out the hanger

To continue I placed the front and back, right sides together and sew the two
pieces together using a ¼” seam allowance, leaving about 8 "unstitch  at the
bottom, to leave enough room to get through that space the hanger,

and I also leave without sewing the upper side where I added the trim.

Then slide the hanger through the space we had left open

What remains now is to hand sew the bottom

So I ended my first version of this project

Then, I lengthen as I told you in the beginning, because I did not have much room
for my sticks!!!

Here I'll  share with you more pictures I took, I liked this project so much that I've
taken a few pictures from all sides, top, bottom, middle, if there are many I
apologize, I could not resist!!!

Here ends this tutorial, I had great pleasure in creating this clothespin and also
in creating this tutorial to share with you all. I hope you liked it, if there were
spelling mistakes, I apologize, I tried to do the best I could.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I always appreciate your comments and I always hope that this blog continues to grow with new followers, do  not hesitate, you are welcome!!
I'm linking this project to Positively Splendid , Creating my way to Succes, and to Threading My Way, Quilting and Patchwork ~ Link Party.
Have a happy sewing day!!!!!


Mis felinos said...
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Maria said...

WOW!!!!!! It's beautiful Marisa. I've never seen a clothespin bag as pretty as this one. Much too pretty to hang outside. Make sure you bring it in when not in use, it would be a shame if it rained. I love it. You did a wonderful job. Thanks for sharing the tutorial with us.

Anonymous said...

Dear Marisa , this is really , really baetifull. I agree with Maria , be carefull with the rain . It is too much work!!! Congrtulations from Uruguay, Love from your sister Ana

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

I love your clothespin bag Marisa. What a great way to use lace and trims too. I have a lot of lace and trims and always looking for ways to use them. I love the added buttons and crocheted flowers too. You could make a great pillow using like this if you didn't want to make a clothespin bag. Thanks so much for sharing, it's beautiful!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Marisa, your clothespin bag is absolutely gorgeous!!! You must have a lot of patience to piece it all together. It's almost too beautiful to use outside. As everyone has said, make sure you keep it away from the rain. This technique would make a stunning cushion.

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Hi Marisa, I've featured your Crazy Quilt clothespin bag today...

Molly Dee said...

Hello Marisa,

Your pin bag is really beautiful! I've been searching for a pattern for a clothes pin bag like this. Would you share the source for your pattern?

Thank you,

Sandie - South Africa said...

Hi Marisa,

Your crazy quilt clothespin bag is BRILLIANT! I love it and plan to make one for my self really soon too! I must first just ask someone to make the paper pattern for me as I am useless at things like that!

Thank you for sharing your talent with us!
All the best!

Tora´s Vintage Dream said...

I just found "you" through my search on Google for a pattern for a cloths pin bag, and I FELL IN LOVE with your´s I really want to make one like this. It´s just beautiful and so my style :) thank you for sharing this tutorial and idea.

Unknown said...

I love the crazy quilt clothespin bag, but I think I would use if for my sister crandchild for her cute little socks, and make one for her bows and another for her booties. Thanks for sharing. Do you have the deminsions of the bag?

SMM said...



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