Friday, April 26, 2013

My new hat made in crochet.

Lately I've been playing with wool; I had several projects in mind and had
bought wool for each of them. I was doing a bit of crochet and knitting, every
night, for me, after dinner is the ideal time to get to knit while "listening" to
a television broadcast. I've said it well, as I " listen" and non watching,
my husband always sits next to me, and always says the same thing "I do not know
how you do for knitting, reading a book and look at the television" and to
surprise him , I make some comments about the emission we are seeing together.
Lately I have made several models of hats, today I'll show you a hat I made, following the instructions from a book I bought, and to use with that hat... I decided to
make my first scarf using two knitting needles. It's rare that I learned to
crochet before knitting, but so happened, I liked to do crochet more than knitting
from my earliest childhood , maybe the reason is because I was lucky to have the best teacher in the world, my grandmother.

I bought the book, "Clever Accessories Crocheted" and I loved it, there are several
interesting projects, very nice photos and my first project was perfect. I
bought it on Amazon and here I leave a link to Amazon where you will be able to
find the book, click here.
I want you to know that I have no affiliation with Amazon, I just want to share
with you  the link and the information about this book.

For the scarf, I decided to try something more complicated than the Stockinet
stitch, reading a book that I bought this time in French, I managed to make this

This is the book I bought and it is written in French:
A L'École Du Tricot.

Here is the link if you want to see more information on the Amazon's site

Here I show more pictures, now I will add this hat to my crochet projects tab.
Hope you liked it.

I hope you enjoyed my creation, I will have more hats and scarves to share with you soon. Thanks for visiting my blog, I wish you to spend a beautiful day.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Mug Rug Blog Hop, Day 15!

Today is my day to participate to the  Mug Rug April Showers Blog Hop before I show you my mug rug, I want to thank Mdm Samm for hosting this blog hop and Erin at Sew at home Mummy because she is our cheerleader!
In my case the month of April, it is the season of spring and when I think of spring, I think of flowers.That's why I decided to make a mug rug using a photo of a flower from my garden. I took several photos to share with you the steps I followed to create an appliqué from my picture and then create  my mug rug.
The photo that inspired me to make this mug rug was this photo.

Since I'm not good at drawing, and I needed  to find a way to determine the
outline of the petals from this photo  that would allow me to create an
appliqué, I decided to use Photoshop Elements to do the job for me.

I decided to play around with Photoshop Elements and managed to define the
contours of the flower , after playing for a while I got this image, I
decided to use it to create my appliqué. I had to find a way to determine
the outline to create a form, from which to make an appliqué.
I decided to do the appliqué using fusible web.

For my project I needed:

1-the fusible web,
3- the outline drawing of the petals
I will try to explain what I did, hopefully with the pictures I've taken
will be clearer to understand.
The fusible web is a  paper that  has a smooth side and a sticky side,
where is the glue.
I fused the fusible web ( the sticky side)to the wrong side of the fabric.
I cut with scissors the outline of the petals and the center of my flower , from my picture
and I have kept them apart to use in the next steps.
 Using the pattern that I created, I traced    the outline of the petals on the smooth side of the fusible web.

Cut out the design on the line that I have traced
Peel away the fusible paper from the fabric
Position the applique onto the mug rug and iron. To give relief to this
flower, I decided to do Free Motion, to have a guide, I drew on the fabric
with a pencil the  petals of the flower, and carefully observing the
picture that I had, I tried to reproduce the drawing, the best I could
Then I used the   Free Motion foot, and  using the running stitch I followed
the lines that I had drawn.

To do the center of the flower I did the same


I thought I could add these leaves already printed on a canvas
Following the same steps, I added fusible web on the wrong side of the
fabric, cut, separated the fusible web from the fabric, placed it on the fabric,
ironed and finally
I added some details to the leaves, with black thread and Free Motion.
I did the binding and here is my mug rug!
 There are other blogs that are participating in this blog hop, here I give
you the list of the other participants to this day, I invite you to visit
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Have a happy sewing day!

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I'm also linking up with Crafty Spices and Find  a Friend.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Mug Rug Hop!

This month I will participate to the April Showers mug rug hops, this blog hop starts today, april 8. There are several blogs that are participating and the theme is "About Mug Rugs".
I 'll leave here for you  the links to visit the blogs that will participate throughout these two weeks.
My day will be on  avril 15, this is the first time I took part in an event like this and I'm looking forward to visiting the others participating blogs.
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Thursday April 18
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Hope you will enjoy!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

News, news and more news!

I don't know if I told you that generally, I consider myself as a person
with no luck. I've played  random games, participated in contests,
participated in sweepstakes and never won anything. Here's where the
interesting part comes, in the month of March, as always I  participated to
several giveaways, and miraculously I won not one but two giveaways!!!!
The first giveaway I won was when I entered the giveaway  of Jill from
Creating my way to success and I won the "Fancy Schmancy Giveaway"
With this giveaway, I had the opportunity to discover this beautiful Etsy
shop, called Fancy Schmancy, this Etsy shop belongs to Jeni Brockbank and I
invite you to visit her, as she  is selling patterns to make fabric flowers
that are breath taking!
By winning, I could choose 4 patterns from the Fancy Schmancy Etsy shop, I
can assure you that it was difficult to select and unsurprisingly, I kept 
this site in my favorites and I want to show you the 4 patterns that  I
finally chosen:
Viewing these flowers, now you will understand my excitement of having
these patterns with me  and be able to create this beautiful fabric
Jeni Brockbank also has a blog and I advise you to visit her, there are many
tutorials, flowers, ideas, really everything you need to be well served in
terms of inspiration.

Now I want to tell you, what was the other giveaway I won!
Perhaps you remember that in one of my post I spoke about the  Satchel Bag
Pattern  giveaway that was hosted by various blogs. The pattern was created
It's beautiful, right?

I had wanted so much to win it, that I participated in each blog where they
had this giveaway.  I was lucky because  it was Liz from "Moments", who
sent me a beautiful message telling me that I had won the pattern. I could
not believe it, my second giveaway in the same month! I think it was my
lucky month.
 I invite you to visit the beautiful blog from Liz, there you will also find a
huge inspiration.

Also if you like bags,sewing, gardening  ...and much more you have to visit Samantha's blog,
 she has some cute patterns for sale. But this blog is not just about
selling patterns, there's a bit of everything, it is certain that you will
like it. I recommend visiting this blog for inspiration and information, there
 we can find anything to fill out our creativity.
Right now I'm finishing sewing some mug rugs to participate to  a blog hop
that starts on Monday, April 8 . There are several blogs that are
participating and the theme is About Mug Rugs.
For two weeks, and every day, there are several blogs that are going to show
their creations, some will make tutorials to show how they created the mug
rug and I think there are blogs that will be doing  giveaways.

The important thing here is, if you like  mug rugs and if you are
looking for inspiration, here I propose to you, two weeks with 100%
guarantee inspiration!
See you next Monday with links to the first blogs that will be
participating in the blog hop, I hope this post has given you inspiration,
what is certain is that you have several sites to discover, have a cup of
tea, or coffee and begin to surf online, you will find inspiration!
Have a nice day!



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