Friday, March 29, 2013

The Pintuck Foot.

Almost at the last moment I could complete this project in order to participate to the "Fancy Feet Sewing Challenge", because the deadline for an entry to this challenge is March 31.
This challenge is hosted by Rikka from "Ricochet and Away",  you  will find all the challenge guidelines to participate to this challenge  here. Last year I have already participated to Rikka's Challenges, I really enjoy her challenges as always makes me leave my comfort zone and I learn something new.
Some of the guidelines:
First requirement:
1. Choose a sewing machine foot that puts you out of your sewing comfort zone and learn how to use it.
To meet the first requirement, I decided to use for the first time my pintuck foot.
What I learned from this pintuck foot, is that it has grooves underneath, and that the size and spacing of its grooves varies.
To make pintucks, we need a pintuck foot, twin needles (they come in different sizes 1.6 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm and more ....the number is the distance between the two needles), 2 spools of thread,  a cord (the cord is optional I have read several articles before embarking on this project and some people use it and some do not, I decided to use a cord because I had the feeling that the pintuck had more relief) and of course the fabric!!!!


I set up my sewing machine for twin-needles; my Designer SE have an option
to select the twin -needles, installed my pintuck foot and I threading
using 2 threads.
To stabilize the cord, my foot came with a guide that snaps onto the needle
 plate .
The second requirement was
2. Complete a small project utilizing said foot.  Don't shoot yourself in
the foot (ha!) by choosing a difficult, time-consuming project.  Your
challenge won't be met if you can't complete it by the deadline.
Rikka if you're reading this post, I want you to know that you were right,
I almost did not complete my project!!!
The second requirement, talks about a simple project. When I started my
project, my first intention was to make a pillow. But the
problem with me  when I start  to do a project without precise guidelines,
is that I have a lot of freedom,  I have to admit ...this is one of those moments when I can say, "the sky is the limit", and then I started doing pintucks, pintucks and more pintucks one beside the other and end up doing this little table runner.
Now I will show pictures I took while I was doing this project,  I can't give you  the precise measurements for this project, because as I said before, was a bit of improvisation, if you  want to do it, you will have an idea of ​​the steps needed to do it. 
To sew my first pintuck, I marked a straight line using an adhesive paper,
(is what we use to paint the walls) and used that as a guide.

For the subsequent pintucks I used the groove of the feet to guide me, by
matching the pintuck just made, with a groove of the foot.
I also used the presser foot as a guide, the side of the presser foot is
ideal to maintaining equal distance between the tucks!

It was at this time that  I decided that I would make a centerpiece, I made
an embroidery in the middle and did the pintucks on the other side. The
embroidery I used, is the disc number 45 from husqvarna.
Then add more pintucks towards the sides 

I added decorative stitches
I do not know if it is called quilting what I did, but I try to sewing straight lines,
to  give some shape to the fabric.
Prepare the fabric to make the binding and decided to add embellishments.

sew the binding...

and finally my project is ready !!!



I hope you have enjoyed my table runner, I would like to thank you for visiting my blog. Remember that I love to receive your comments, you are the ones that feed my inspiration.
Have a nice day!!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Let's talk about bags.

Today I want to show you a bag that I finished a few days ago, I  don't  know if you recognize the pattern, is the Blossom Handbag from Amy Butler
I've done this pattern before,  I love the shape of this bag, the spacious
 interior  and especially the pockets, that's why whenever I have a chance,
I go back to make a bag with this pattern.


This time , I was looking for a special touch so I added a metal closure.
and rivets.



I did the bag using the book  "Amy Butler's Style Stitches". In this book,
Amy shows us 26 wonderful bags that we can create. If you want to do this
bag , without buying the book, you will find a free pdf tutorial here.
The  tutorial is on the Sew Mama Sew's blog is a free pdf that can be

I bought my book from Amazon, the link is here and once there, you can
look at some of her projects  inside the book. I just want to clarify that I
have no affiliation with Amazon. 

 Satchel Bag Pattern Giveaway


As we are talking about handbags, I have more news to share with you, I 
want to let you know  about a Satchel Bag Pattern Giveaway that is hosting
ASG in the SLC. The pattern was created by Samantha from At home with
 This is the Satchel Bag Pattern:
 Maria was a tester for this pattern and she  has done a nice job with this
bag, while visiting Maria's blog you will find also the links to the other blogs
that are also hosting this giveaway, which means more chances to win this
Bag Loving Blogs Blog Hop!
I have more greats news to share with you, this information will bring
happiness to those of you who like to sew bags, this time was while
visiting  Nissa's blog, that I learned that Chris from ChrisW Designs
has started   a blog hop link party of Bag Loving Blogs.
I added my blog to the blog hop, I think it will be a great way to keep in
touch with those blogs that have the same passion that we have ....
 sewing bags!!
Here's the instuctions from ChrisW to ​​participate in this blog hop:
Step 1) Just add your blog link below by clicking on the "Click here To Enter" link and follow the easy steps to add your blog!
*Step 2) IMPORTANT! Click on the "Get the code here" link shown to grab your copy of the code and add it to your blog! Please include these instructions so that new members will know what to do! :)

*Step 3) Grab this button: (Right Click and Save)

and pop it in your sidebar linking to your Bag Lovin Blog Hop post so that we can leave this blog hop open and people can keep finding it and hopping on! :)
After all 3 steps have been completed, your link will be approved and added to the blog hop! :)
That's it! :)
  (Please note links now require approval due to spamming :( so will be approved after all 3 steps have been carried out! Please make sure your blog has posts about BAGS!)


Hope you enjoyed this post and you have found it informative.
I always look forward to your comments and always gives me joy when I come to see my blog and find a new follower here!
Have a nice day!


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