Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hatsune Miku free crochet doll pattern !!!

How nice to share with you this pattern, I love doing it. The pattern is free
and after much searching I found it in Japanese, English and Spanish. I show
some pictures and then, I  leave all the links at the end of this post.
Que lindo poder compartir con ustedes este patrón, me encanto hacerla.
El patrón es gratis y luego de mucha búsqueda lo encontré en japones, ingles y
español. Les muestro unas fotos y luego les dejo todos los enlaces al final.

To make it, I used several different yarns, all worsted-type, 4 ply.
 I did a bit following the two tutorials in Spanish and in English.
Para hacerla, he usado varios lanas  distintas, de tipo worsted, 4 ply.  
 La hice siguiendo un poco los dos tutoriales, en español y en ingles.
Here are the links...
Aqui les dejo los enlaces...
Japanese and  English  is here .
 En español esta Aqui 
Have a beautiful day !!!
Marisa :)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Easy Cosmetic Bag.

I could not resist the temptation to make this cosmetic bag again, I was looking for an idea for a gift for my cousin's birthday, when I remembered this beautiful
pattern. It is absolutely easy to do. I used Deby's tutorial, from the blog So Sew Easy, she did also a great video, here is the link.

If it is your first visit to Deby's blog, prepare a cup of the, or coffee and get ready to spend some time enjoying the projects and tutorials that Deby gives us.
Returning to my cosmetic bag, what I did in my case  was use two fabrics to create the exterior pattern, sew them together and then cut the pattern. The important
thing is that the fabrics (exterior front and Back) are aligned exactly in the same position  before cutting the front and back pattern.
Then when  we have two identical outer fabrics, we must pay attention that are properly aligned before sewing them.

What I liked about this tutorial, is that we end with a cosmetic bag identical to the one she proposes to do. I added a flower to give a more feminine touch and you
know I love decorating with fabric flowers.
Something important, we can use this pattern to make bags to sell without restriction, no credit needed! Thank you Deby :)
Hopefully you have enjoyed this cosmetic bag and you dare to make one.
Have a happy sewing day.
Marisa :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Crochet bag.

Hi! I'm super happy to show you the bag that I've done. Here in Quebec we are
in spring, summer will be soon around here. My bag is ready for a walk with me.
It is not a free pattern, but as I told you, every so often I like to buy to
encourage designers to continue creating.
Please know that I have no affiliation with the shop, I'm just a satisfied
customer. The pattern comes in a Pdf with many pictures and excellent
explanations to create every detail of this bag, like flowers, leaves and all
the rest.

The only thing missing from this bag is a close, I added a button and did a
loop. The next bag that I will do, will have a zipper.

The link to the bag is here.

(You will find the pattern on the last page, number 5 )

Meanwhile I'm finishing some animals of the book I told you in the previous
post. I have so many projects in mind and in progress, I am always fighting with my number one
enemy ... time.
See you soon.
Marisa :)

I'm linking my crochet bag to  : Creating my way to Success, All things fee ( Calling All Crafters )
Sew Can do , Crochet Addict , Oombawka design crochet,  Mommy On Demand, A crafter xD

MY  project was the most clicked from the party at OOmbawka design crochet !!!!
I'm so happy :)
Thanks for the feature Rhondda !!!

Oombawka Design

Friday, May 1, 2015

Crochet animals.

I'm in love with these sweet  crochet animals... from Edward's Menagerie Book by Kerry Lord.

I already  made animals from free patterns, like elephants and owls, but on the other side I like to buy books, is an indirect way to allow artists to
continue creating.
What can I say....I'm in love with the book !!!!
It was the picture from the cover of this book that caught my attention, and since I has long wanted to crochet animals, when I found this book, I bought it instantly.
Inside this book you will find 40 crochet patterns  and you will need  less than one ball of yarn per animal. In the link that I provide you can look inside the book
and you will find 30 images from the book.
Each animal has a universal pattern, you can change your hook and yarn to create four different sizes, making 160 different possibilities.
Here is my beloved sheep.

 The yarn used to make the sheep was Charisme from  Loops & Threads, the colors I used  are; 
 #13 charcoal for the head and I used the color white for the legs and arms.
I made the  loops to decorate the body and head  with Patons, Big Bouclé, summit.
Here is my lovely lion.

This time I used Red Heart, Soft (worsted) wheat color for the whole body. The  head loops were made with Wool-Ease, Thick & Quick from  Lion Brand Yarns.

This book is divided into parts according to the degree of difficulty,  from beginners to advanced and the technique is well explained. It has excellent pictures
that  explains how to create each part of the animal and how to join each piece.
There is a chapter that gives us some tips to embroider the eyes, nose and mouth. I
started with the sheep and could not stop me, did the lion and now I'm doing a Koala and you know what? Now I want to  make them all !!!!!

I bought the book at Amazon, below you will find the links( is my store, is an affiliate link), through my link, you will be able to see pictures of the different animals that we can create, and you can decide whether  you have interest in the book or not.
Is available also a Kindle version of the book, is a matter of preference, I like to have a book in my hands.

 This is my button with the link: 


If you purchase through the links that I provide, I receive a small commission of the sale at not additional cost to you.
I use affiliate links to have a source of income, for me is a way to devote myself to the blog, and thus to have a source of money to buy different products and then share my creations and tutorials with you all.
Because  you are what matter most to me, I only choose to promote products that I love, and that I think that will be beneficial,  helpful and valuable to you
and I choose affiliates that fits well within the parameters of my blog.
Edward's Menagerie, is definitely a book to have on hand, and that I recommend you.
You will crochet  beautiful gifts for the little ones in your lives.
I hope I have provided inspiration to you.
Thanks soooo much  for your visit, is really appreciated.
The Chicken Chick
Wordless Wednesday Hop< CraftyAllie
Oombawka Design

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How to generate a TinyUrl.

This is a subject that perhaps will interest some of you and that is why I
decided to write this post.
I have created an account on Twitter and that's how I discovered that there is
a limit to the number of characters a message can carry.
I started using Twitter and Instagram to promote my blog, hence the importance
of being able to write my full Url in the message, without losing any
I'm talking about Twitter and Instagram, but those are just examples,
sometimes we want to share our post in groups, or send an  email,
or share a link on  forums and we left a link with the Url to our post,
however our Url is not always active, the person that  want to visit your blog
will copy and paste the link, sometimes it is very long and some characters
will be lost.... and can not get to our post.
The solution to that  problem is to use a tiny url,
using a tiny URL  can allow linking to web pages directly.
So.......I wondered, how to change a big URL into a tiny URL.
I did a search on Google, and to my surprise, I discovered several tiny Url
generators. Today I share with you the generator I use, and I show you how
easy it is.
This is what you will find;
You are going to copy the url of the page you want to shorten and pasted in the
white space;
Then simply click on Make Tiny URL;
A new page will open and  your new TinyUrl will be generate.

You'll have to copy and paste the url and share what you want.
I hope this mini tutorial will be useful for you!
Have a beautiful day, see you soon, Marisa :)

Friday, March 27, 2015

Stuffed animals, sewing pattern.

I was looking for ideas to make a gift to two little princesses. They are the
nieces of my oldest son, and they  came to visit me for the first time last
summer and of course I wanted to create something special.

I thought to myself that a soft toy would be ideal. So I had another excuse to
visit a fabric store,  we always need to find an excuse to not feel guilty,
right? in this case I needed a pattern!!!! It was there that I found this pattern.

These animals are so lovely, and something that I liked was the ability to
combine various fabrics and of course use my scraps. It is not a
project for beginners, some places are hard to sew, but worth the effort.
These stuffed animals will sure please the little ones.

As a gift for sisters, I wanted to make the them as similar as possible with
some details that might differentiate one from another. It occurred to me that
I could change the position of the eyes and added them collars for cats in different colors,
which I found at the dollar store.
I love those paws!!!

Now I want to sew the rest of the animals that are in this pattern, but I have
begun so many projects that I will leave this project in my drawer to do it later.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this project, see you soon with other creations
and ideas.
Here is the link to the pattern.  I have no affiliation is only a
link to anyone who is interested to do so. On the site you will find more
details about these beautiful soft animals.

Thank you for your visit.
I wish you a beautiful and creative day :)
Estaba buscando ideas para hacer un regalo a dos pequeñas princesas. Ellas son
las sobrinas de mi hijo mayor, y vinieron a visitarme por primera vez el verano
pasado.....y por supuesto que quería crear algo especial.
Se me ocurrió  que un juguete en tela sería ideal. Como no tenia ningún patrón,
tuve otra excusa para visitar  una tienda de telas, siempre hay que encontrar
una excusa para no sentirse culpable ¿verdad? en este caso;  necesitaba un
patrón !!!! Fue allí donde encontré lo que buscaba

Estos animales son preciosos, y algo que me gustó fue la posibilidad de
combinar varios colores de telas y por supuesto utilizar mis  restantes.
No es un proyecto para principiantes, en realidad algunos lugares son difíciles
de coser, pero vale la pena el esfuerzo.
Con estos muñecos de peluche estaremos  seguros de complacer a los más
Como era un regalo para dos hermanas, quería que ellos fueran lo más similares
posible, pero con algunos detalles que podrían diferenciar un perrito  del otro.
Se me ocurrió que cambiar la posición de los ojos y les añadi  collares para
gatos, que conseguí en la tienda del dólar.
Ahora quiero coser el resto de los animales que se encuentran en este patrón,
pero tengo comenzadas tantas cosas que voy a dejarlo de lado por el momento   y
lo  haré más tarde.
Ojala  que hayan disfrutado de este proyecto, nos vemos pronto con otras
creaciones y mas ideas!!!
Aquí está el enlace para este  patrón, en este caso no tengo ninguna afiliación
es sólo un enlace para cualquier persona interesada en hacerlo.
En el sitio encontrarás más detalles acerca de estos hermosos animalitos.

Gracias por la visita!!!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Crochet Dishcloth, free pattern.

I think I am not the only one that when a project ends, decides to save the
leftovers, am I???  I have bags with remnants of yarn and boxes with leftover
fabric which  I save to make flowers.
I 'm always looking for a way to use those leftovers and I  was lucky enough
to  discover a beautiful blog, with a lot of projects, the name of the
blog is "Craft Leftovers", exactly what I was  looking for !!! . It is a blog
with tutorials and free patterns about sewing, crochet, knitting ...we
can't ask more.
These are projects that we began and ended fast, are useful, lovely and  easy
to do.

These are the two dishcloths I did, I really like how it turned the combination
of colors.
We may also make three or four dishcloths and pack them in an original way to
make a  gift.

I leave here the link where you can find  the pattern, you can download it as
a pdf. While there  take advantage and discover other projects, one of those I
want to make is a "Crochet Tiger Kitty" which is lovely.

Creo que no soy la única que cuando termina un proyecto, decide guardar los
restantes,  o si lo soy ??? Tengo bolsas con restos de lana y cajas con restos
de tela que guardo para hacer flores.

Siempre estoy en busca de una manera de utilizar esos restantes y en mi
búsqueda tuve la suerte de descubrir un hermoso blog, del estilo que yo quería,
con un montón de proyectos, el nombre del blog es "Craft Leftovers",
exactamente lo que estaba buscando !!! . Es un blog con tutoriales y patrones
gratis  sobre costura, crochet, tejido ...   no puedo pedir más.
Se trata de proyectos que comenzamos y terminamos rápido, son útiles, lindos y
fácil de hacer.
En mis fotos les muestro  los dos paños de cocina que hice, me gusta   cómo
quedó la combinación de colores.
Una idea es  hacer tres o cuatro paños de cocina y envolverlos en una forma
original  para  hacer un regalo.
Os dejo aquí el enlace donde se puede encontrar el patrón, pueden descargarlo
como un pdf. Mientras están visitando el blog, porque  no aprovechar y descubrir
otros proyectos que tienen allí,?  Uno de los proyectos que  quiero hacer es un
"Crochet Tiger Kitty", que es precioso.
Gracias por vuestra visita, nos vemos pronto!
Thanks for visiting, see you soon !
Have a beautiful and creative day!!!!!!
Marisa :)

I'm linking this project to Crafty Spices,  Crochet Addict and Whoop Whoop Fridays .

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

More Crochet Owls with a free pattern.

The pattern for this crochet owl is free, allows us to use wool remnants and 
considering that they are adorable, I could not resist doing more and more 
El patrón para hacer estos búhos es gratis, nos permite usar restos de lana y
considerando que son adorables, no lo pude resistir ..volví a hacer mas y
mas  búhos !!!

The blog  where you'll find the free pattern is called "Cre8tion Crochet" and
there you'll find a lot of free patterns,  videos and tutorials. I leave the link for this pattern

The explanations for these friendly little owls, are easy to follow,
we can do one owl, or more than one, in an afternoon and will be a unique gift. 
Las explicaciones para este hermoso búho son fáciles de seguir, con un poco de
inspiración en la combinación de los colores de las lanas  podemos hacer en una
tarde un búho o mas que uno para hacer un regalo único .
Les recuerdo que es un patrón gratis que encontraran en el blog,
El enlace directo para este patron, esta aqui.

If you want more quick crochet projects to do, I invite you to visit my board
"crocheting animals and little things" on pinterest, I'm sure you will find 
inspiration there! Here is the link
Si estan buscando  más proyectos de crochet rápidos de hacer, los invito a
visitar mí  board de pinterest "cocheting animals and little things",  estoy
segura que allí  encontrarán inspiración! Este es el enlace.

I wish you a beautiful and creative day !!!
Les deseo un hermoso y creativo día !!!


Marisa :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The joy of participating to a link party!

I love to participate in the link parties, is a way to share our creations and admire what other people have been working on. Today I had the joy of discover that my crochet shawl was one of the most clicked on the party Be A Crafter xD. I want to share with you my joy and I invite you to visit  Maz Kwok' blog.
At her party link, you will find a variety of projects like;  sewing, knitting, crafts, crochet and she has a tab with free projects and tutorials. Worth a visit !! Here is my Crochet Shawl, along with other beautiful projects  !!!!
To find  the links towards the other projects I invite you to visit her blog, with the original post, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to spend a beautiful moment,
  here is the

Thanks for your visit and I wish you a beautiful and creative day.
Marisa :)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Get connected with twitter and Instagrame.

Yesterday I decided to step forward with technology, there are a number of ways
to communicate and connect with all of you. Most of us have a blog, a Facebook
page, we collected beautiful projects that we pin to our boards on Pinterest,
we have an account with Google +......Then  I discovered that many of you have
an account with Instagram and Twitter, what can I say have motivated me
to create an account, well...I did it!!! NOW I'm on Instagram and Twitter. I
don't know how they work yet, but I'll throw myself into the adventure.
I think it's another way to share our creations, it's always inspiring to see
what other people are doing in the world.
If there are any among you, who want me to follow you, just let me know, it
will give me great pleasure to be your follower.
The next step is to create the social media buttons, I'm working on it....

Here are my badges....if you want to connect with me :)


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Let's crochet a Triangular Shawl. ( Free pattern)

If you love to do crochet and you are looking for a free pattern then this
beautiful shawl is for you. The Cloud Burst Shawl is fast to do, the suggested
yarn is worsted and you'll  need approximately 300 - 350 yards (274 - 320 m)
Si te gusta hacer ganchillo y que buscas un patrón gratis,   este hermoso chal
es para ti. El Cloud Burst Shawl es rápido de hacer, la lana sugerida es una
lana  gruesa y  necesitarás aproximadamente 300 a 350 metros (274 a 320 m)
You can make this shawl with any thickness of yarn, according to the thickness,
you will adjust the size of the crochet hook and make more or less rows until
you reach the size that you want.
Este chal puede ser hecho con cualquier espesor de lana, según el grosor,
usted ajustar el tamaño de la aguja de ganchillo y tendra que hacer más o menos
filas hasta alcanzar el tamaño que desee.
Designed by Tuesday Fornite, she has created a Pdf that you will find on 
Ravelry, here is the link. It's easy to do and very well explained.
Diseñado por Tuesday Fornite, ella ha creado un pdf que se encuentra en Ravelry y que podran bajar a su ordenador, aquí está el enlace. Es fácil de hacer y muy bien explicado.
I hope you liked this project and you will be encouraged to do one. It's a nice gift for yourself or a gift for a loved one.
Espero que  este proyecto les haya gustado y que ustedes  se animen a hacerlo. Es un lindo regalo para hacerse a uno mismo o para regalar a un ser querido. BusterCraftyAllie


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