Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How to generate a TinyUrl.

This is a subject that perhaps will interest some of you and that is why I
decided to write this post.
I have created an account on Twitter and that's how I discovered that there is
a limit to the number of characters a message can carry.
I started using Twitter and Instagram to promote my blog, hence the importance
of being able to write my full Url in the message, without losing any
I'm talking about Twitter and Instagram, but those are just examples,
sometimes we want to share our post in groups, or send an  email,
or share a link on  forums and we left a link with the Url to our post,
however our Url is not always active, the person that  want to visit your blog
will copy and paste the link, sometimes it is very long and some characters
will be lost.... and can not get to our post.
The solution to that  problem is to use a tiny url,
using a tiny URL  can allow linking to web pages directly.
So.......I wondered, how to change a big URL into a tiny URL.
I did a search on Google, and to my surprise, I discovered several tiny Url
generators. Today I share with you the generator I use, and I show you how
easy it is.
This is what you will find;
You are going to copy the url of the page you want to shorten and pasted in the
white space;
Then simply click on Make Tiny URL;
A new page will open and  your new TinyUrl will be generate.

You'll have to copy and paste the url and share what you want.
I hope this mini tutorial will be useful for you!
Have a beautiful day, see you soon, Marisa :)

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