Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Memories Suite v4 scrapbooking software: GIVEAWAY

For me today is a very special day, because I feel excited to bring you this awesome giveaway sponsored by My Memories.
My Memories contacted me a few days ago,  and they  have generously give me the opportunity to give this  fantastic digital scrapbooking software,  to one of my lucky readers!
My Memories it is more than a "digital scrapbooking software", you can create
photobooks, videos, custom gifts, greeting cards, calendars, and much more. If you want to ask me why I am so excited, I can tell you, that is because after playing with this software I love it!
I can assure you that it is easy to use, we can create beautiful pages from scratch
or you can build an entire album using one of the many templates provided in the software.
The Rules
Now I will explain how to participate in order to be the lucky winner of this
fantastic  digital scrapbooking software.
1)Who can participate?
All people around the world who come to my blog, can participate. No need to be a follower of my blog, but if you are follower, or if you follow my by email you  will have an extra entry. I'll explain this later.
If you think there is someone in your family or friends who may be interested, 
point them here so they can participate!
2) How to enter:
In order to enter the giveaway, you will visit the site of My Memories,
and you will choose your  favorite digital paper pack or layout, then leave me a
comment here, telling me  which ones you chose.
Here you can see all the "Free Digital Scrapbooking Kits".
Here comes the interesting part, if you are a follower, let me another comment to let me know that you are a follower of this blog, this gives a second entry, and if you follow me by email, leave another comment for a 3rd entry.
Only 3 entries per person.
For those of you who do not know how to comment, please click where it says comments at the end of this page. It will open a window, then  in the lower part of this window, you will find the space where you can leave the message.
 After writing your message you must "Choose an identity" and then you will be able
to "Publish your comment".
Contact info:Please make sure that I can contact you if you win, if you are not a
follower, leave your email with your comment! If  I can't  contact you, I will have to choose another winner.
"The winner will download the software for free, you will receive a promotional
code.You should not be asked for any credit card information, and the total for the
order should be FREE."

3) When does it end?

This giveaway will end on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 10h00am.

4) How I will you choose a winner?
The winner will be chosen randomly ,I will use, and the winner will be announced on Wednesday, February 13, 2013, at 10h30am.

I will take advantage of the fact that I've been doing some digital scrapbooking
to show you a picture with my kids, this is the first time I share a photo of my family, I think it is time for you to meet them. Here are my lovely children


So here is the awesome part...For those of you, who just can't wait for the
giveaway, My Memories gave me  a special for all of my readers, they gave me this promo code (STMMMS93768) that I can share with my family and friends (that’s you). 
By using this code at, you can get $10 off My Memories Suite (you get it for $29.95 instead of $39.95) AND you also get a $10 gift certificate to use in their online store!
promo code: STMMMS93768
I encourage you to copy and paste the code to avoid typos when using it.
This  code is ONLY good for My Memories Suite v4.

Before ending this post I want to show another creation I made, this software is so easy to use and has many options, that the only limit is our imagination.

I wish you good luck to  all participants and  I look forward to your comments.

Good luck!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Let's make a crocheted hat in a weekend.

Here the winter is properly installed, despite sunny days, the cold is intense. For
me it is the perfect  motivation to do crochet accessories, that's why I made this hat and I love it.

This hat was designed by Sara Dudek, I bought the magazine  online, the name of the magazine is "Hooked on crochet Hats II" and  the link to buy it is here, if anyone is interested. ( I just want to warn you that I have no affiliation with that magazine, I just want to share with you the information because I really liked it the magazine)
The name of this pattern  is the "limited sans hats", as I finished it, I tried it 
and since then it's my favorite hat. The most important thing is that other than
being cute, it keeps my ears warm!

Here I are more photos that I took, I was so happy with my result that I took
pictures from the front, side, back, top, sorry I couldn't stop taking photos!!

I think that is the variegated yarn that I used whom gives to this hat that beautiful look, because  it was by using that variegated yarn that  I could give  an interesting texture to this hat, without any extra effort other than follow the instructions of the pattern. The yarn that I used is "LOOPS & THREADS" Impeccable, and the color is EARTH OMBRE #04001.
I have other news to share with you, look at the next picture, isn't a nice
montage, right?

Now the good news!!!!
 I'm super excited to tell you that the company
"My Memories" contacted me a couple of days ago, offering me the software "My Memories Suite" to give away on this blog.
My Memories Suite v4 is a fun and easy way to create scrapbooks, photobooks and more, I personally love scrapbooking and have long thought about the possibility of buying a software that is easy to use to create unique pictures, now I found it!
I started looking at some tutorials on you tube and discovered that this software
allows us to make buttons and banners for our blogs and create beautiful photos! The information about the giveaway will be in my next post, but if you want to go and see the features of this software, here I leave the link.
I hope you enjoyed this post, do not forget to leave me your comments, it gives me great pleasure to read them all, and answer your questions.

There's something else I want to tell you, is that everybody can participate in
this giveaway it is not necessary to be follower of my blog, but those who are
followers will have an extra opportunity to participate , OK... I will explain this in my next post so ...stay tuned !!!!!
Have a nice day!

I'm linking this project to Skip To My Lou , Trendy Treehouse ( Create and Share), One Artsy Mama, Freemotion by the River , Sew Chatty, Threading My Way, Crochet Happy, Fluster Buster  and The Chicken Chick.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Let's sew a needle case using recycled jeans!

Happy 2013, one year that begins and many projects that I have in mind for this year. My list of things I want to  do keep growing and growing and those who will follow me along this new year will see the variety of projects that I will make.

My first project this year, is this needle case that actually I started last year . I think actually the name would have to be a needle book, you will see why, when you will see the photos
This is the front
This is the back
The inside of my needle case


It all started with the idea of ​​recycling this pair of jeans, when my daughter gave them to me because they did not fit, the first thing I noted was the beautiful pockets, and I have kept them with the idea of creating something whenever inspiration would come. 
Look that beautiful pockets!!!!
Analyzing the various parts of this short I found the pieces I wanted to use
First stage disassemble all the parties I will be able to use later.
First, I used the back pockets to create a piece of fabric,  that will become the front and the back side of my needle case.
 The measures do not matter as it depends on the design of the pants,  you can cut a  bigger or smaller piece or just cut two squares. Just to give you an idea, my pieces  are 8 "x9".
I cut the two pieces  and between them I sew  a strip of fabric 2.5 "wide.
Then I started to embellish my project, I used my embellisher machine to add some  roving wool and I also added some scraps of fabric.
To make the inside of the needle book, I took the measure of my external part already finished, and cut a piece of red fabric with the same measures. I think the contrast of colors is nice. On one side of the needle case I decided to make a pocket, with, what  it was before, the zipper of the pants, and added another pocket I had from another pair of jeans.
 Now I have the outside and the inside  ready to sew them together .
Before sewing them together, I cut a piece of interfacing, because I wanted to give a little stiffness to the outside of the needle case and  also sew a button .
Take the two pieces, place right sides together, aligning the row edges, added a
hair elastic in between the outside and inside of the opposite side to where I
added the button and sew, leaving 4" or 5" of the bottom open.

Turn right side out by pulling the fabric through the opening , and sew the
opening, I did with my sewing machine.

For the inside I just added two sheets of felt I had, cut them to fit the measure of
my book and sewed with the machine.
I have sewn them in the center, in the place that would be the spine of a book, simply by using a running stitch.
Everything is now ready to fill it with  needles and other sewing accessories,
I show you the final photos.
If any of you makes this project I would like you to share it with me, and if you
publish your creation on your blog I would appreciate if you can add a link back to this article.

I hope you enjoyed this post, for my part, I enjoyed it immensely while I was creating this needle case, the beauty of these projects is the improvisation, everything can be used and I guess you will agree with me, recycle, reuse and repurposing is the best gift we can give to our planet!

Have a nice day!!!!!
Marisa :)
These project was featured at Craft Gossip
They are talking about me at
and also at Totally Tutorials !!!
Totally Tutorials Blog

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Some beautiful news to begin this new year!

My first post of the year begins on a note of happiness. I have two nice news to share with you. One is that the scarf that I made in November last year to participate at the Ring Your Neck Scarf Challenge, was the most voted scarf! and that allowed me to winning the first place! 
I want to say thanks to  Rikka for hosting this challenge, all the scarves that
have been created for this challenge are beautiful. Congratulations to Linda and
Fiona, your scarves are terrific, and also to everyone who participated, because
each one of us has tried a new technique, we have learned something new and created
something unique.If you want to see the photos of the other winners are here. I
feel honored to have the first prize, thanks to all of you who voted for my scarf.
Here is the beautiful new badge I received


These are the pictures of the scarf that allowed me to take the first place in the

This scarf is made out by using water soluble stabilizer, yarns and threads and the
tutorial where I show how to make this scarf is here.
If you want to find more inspiration I encourage you to visit Ricochet and Away is
another blog I visit regularly and where I find inspiration in every visit I make
The second good news is that my wine gift bag was featured on Threading My Way,
thanks Pam for giving me the honor of place my wine bag with such beautiful
creations. I invite you to visit her blog,here is the link, if you look for inspiration, ideas for new projects, I give you the guarantee that you are going to find all what you are
looking for there!

Here is my other badge:

This is the wine gift bag I made, and the tutorial is here.
If you have projects that you want to share in Threading My Way, this is the link,
all  the link parties at Threading Your Way are themed and ongoing. You can add as
many projects as you like throughout the year.

I wish you all a beautiful and creative 2013, I have many ideas of projects I want
to do, I am currently working on a tutorial for a needle case I made using an old
pair of jeans, the year will begin with the topic recycling and reuse, something we
all love, as we return to give life to something that is no longer useful to us and
we make a nice gesture for our planet and our wallet ...
See you soon


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