Thursday, January 3, 2013

Some beautiful news to begin this new year!

My first post of the year begins on a note of happiness. I have two nice news to share with you. One is that the scarf that I made in November last year to participate at the Ring Your Neck Scarf Challenge, was the most voted scarf! and that allowed me to winning the first place! 
I want to say thanks to  Rikka for hosting this challenge, all the scarves that
have been created for this challenge are beautiful. Congratulations to Linda and
Fiona, your scarves are terrific, and also to everyone who participated, because
each one of us has tried a new technique, we have learned something new and created
something unique.If you want to see the photos of the other winners are here. I
feel honored to have the first prize, thanks to all of you who voted for my scarf.
Here is the beautiful new badge I received


These are the pictures of the scarf that allowed me to take the first place in the

This scarf is made out by using water soluble stabilizer, yarns and threads and the
tutorial where I show how to make this scarf is here.
If you want to find more inspiration I encourage you to visit Ricochet and Away is
another blog I visit regularly and where I find inspiration in every visit I make
The second good news is that my wine gift bag was featured on Threading My Way,
thanks Pam for giving me the honor of place my wine bag with such beautiful
creations. I invite you to visit her blog,here is the link, if you look for inspiration, ideas for new projects, I give you the guarantee that you are going to find all what you are
looking for there!

Here is my other badge:

This is the wine gift bag I made, and the tutorial is here.
If you have projects that you want to share in Threading My Way, this is the link,
all  the link parties at Threading Your Way are themed and ongoing. You can add as
many projects as you like throughout the year.

I wish you all a beautiful and creative 2013, I have many ideas of projects I want
to do, I am currently working on a tutorial for a needle case I made using an old
pair of jeans, the year will begin with the topic recycling and reuse, something we
all love, as we return to give life to something that is no longer useful to us and
we make a nice gesture for our planet and our wallet ...
See you soon


Pam @Threading My Way said...

Congrats on winning the 'Ring Your Neck' scarf challenge, Marisa. I LOVE that scarf and one day, I'd like to make one. Thanks so much for the shout out for 'Threading My Way'! The wine bag is a very well deserved feature. Looking forward to seeing your jeans needle case. I know it will be spectacular!

Maria said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! Your scarf was beautiful and deserved first prize and so did the feature on your wine bag but even without these two lovely creations you are a winner every time.


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