Thursday, October 13, 2016

Koala from Edward's Menagerie Book.

I always in love with Edward's Menagerie book. Today, I want to share with you
the koala that I made.
Once we understand the basics of how to make the body and legs, it is easy to
follow the creation of the other animals. The book has many pictures, good
explanations, I just like it.
I think it is an excellent book for those who want to learn how to do
So far I have made these three, hope you like them and give you inspiration.

I bought the book at Amazon, below you will find the links( is my store, is an
affiliate link), through my link, you will be able to see pictures of the
different animals that we can create, and you can decide whether  you have
interest in the book or not.
 Is available also a Kindle version of the book, is a matter of preference, I
like to have a book in my hands.


If you purchase through the links that I provide, I receive a small commission
of the sale at not additional cost to you.
 I use affiliate links to have a source of income, for me is a way to devote
myself to the blog, and thus to have a source of money to buy different
products and then share my creations and tutorials with you all.
Because  you are what matter most to me, I only choose to promote products that
I love, and that I think that will be beneficial,  helpful and valuable to you
and I choose affiliates that fits well within the parameters of my blog.
Edward's Menagerie, is definitely a book to have on hand, and that I recommend
You will crochet  beautiful gifts for the little ones in your lives.
Have a nice and creative day.
Marisa :)


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