Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My new table topper for the 2013 Home Sweet home, create along.

Here I am again to share with you a new project,

One of the  blogs that I follow and that I also enjoy, is Liz's blog, the
name of the blog is "MOMENTS".
This year Liz has started the 2013 Home Sweet Home, create along.
In her create along, we have three months to create something for a
particular room in the house.
This is the link to her create along if you want more inspiration, and if
you want to participate.
In her blog you will find several links with different ideas to create
something and many tutorials, this is a  blog that I advise you to visit
To participate to the create along I decided to make this table topper for
my dining room.

I did this table topper   following a tutorial from Connie, her blog,
Freemotion by the River, is another blog full of beautiful projects and
great tutorials. I visit her regularly.
This is the link for the tutorial that I used to create my table topper.
And here she has another tutorial.
Time to set up my machine for free motion.
After all the triangles of this table topper are sewn, I made my first
experience in the art of free motion.
Maybe there is someone who is reading my blog that has a designer se, so
I'll tell you, the settings that I used with my sewing machine:
- I used an organ needle # 80. 
- Installed my open toe  free motion spring foot.
- I used de V menu, stitch # 1 ( V V1:1), when I selected this stitch the feed dogs drop , and stay down.
- I lower the speed.
- To start I used the start/stop button, to stop while sewing I used the pedal.
- I used also the button to keep  the needle down.
_ I practice, practice and practice on a piece of fabric until I felt comfortable then I jumped into the adventure, the beginning was a strange feeling of incomfort but minutes later, I was doing my stippling calmly!

Time to do the binding
This is a tutorial where the steps are very well explained, the only thing
that she does not explain in her tutorial is how to make a binding when we
have a 60 degree angle.
But I look for information on google, (what would we do today without
google ...) and I was lucky to discover this blog, where there is a
tutorial explaining exactly what I wanted. Here is the link
I followed her tutorial, but I could not resist taking some pictures to
show you, how I made the binding, here are my pictures.

Let's made the binding
1) Place two strips right sides together at a 90 degree right angle and mark
from corner to corner.

2) Sew

3) Cut
4)  Press each seam open
Now that we have made ​​the binding, we have to sew it to the table topper,
it will be practical now, to read the tutorial which I have spoken above, how
to do a binding around a 60 degree corner, here I give you the link again
(I want to spare you from going up and down in the post) (I think that I have a
good idea, at the end of this post I will give you all the links
in one place, it will be easier because I'm not finished yet with my links)
end of the brackets :)
I will show pictures I took while I did my sewing:


I cannot end this post without another link, this is a link to a video that
I found interesting, showing us how to  better  binding mitered corners and
finish the binding with invisible joins.
Here you go!


The technique that they explain in the video is great, I tried it, and I get
a really invisible join. The problem is the space, this is a very small
project, but can be done.
To finish I want to share with you one good news, do you remember   my
previous project, the triple zip pouch? This pouch was featured on Pam's
blog, I was so happy when I got her message, I started the day with a big
Along with my triple zip pouch there are also other beautiful projects that
have been featured, here's the link if you want to see them.
Threading my way ( Pam's blog)is a nice blog, I know I have already talked
about this blog before, but I want to invite you to visit her again, Pam
has a variety of projects and tutorials, I can assure you it's worth
visiting her.
Now I will leave here, all of the links of whom I spoke over my post, here
we go!
Liz's blog , for the  2013 Home Sweet home, create along. Click here
There is also a button on my side bar to the create along, this button will
remain there throughout the year.
The tutorials for the table topper, from Freemotion to the River
This is the one I used Click here, and another one here .
How to do a binding around a 60 degree corner, the tutorial is here.
Binding mitered corners and finish the binding with invisible joins.
The video is here.
Threading My Way, Pam's blog, click here

Here is one last link I want to share with you
I added this project to the, 2013 NewFO Challenge, this is another 

challenge which I hope to participate this year. In order to participate in 
this challenge we must  start up at least one new quilt project.  The quilt can be of any size from potholders or mug rugs to king-sized bed quilts.  You do NOT need to complete any project during the year.  All you need to do to participate is start something new during any given month.
  On the last day of the month,
write a blog post about your new project and link up to the linky party.
If you want to visit this link party and participate, here's the link.

If you want more information, I added a button in the sidebar, and I will leave it there throughout the year, is the button that says 2013New FO Challenge

I hope you enjoy this post, you have several blogs to discover and very
good tutorials to create new projects.
  I look forward to your comments, and I respond to all of you privately.
Followers you are always welcome, whenever there is a new follower that
joins this blog, it makes me happy!!
Have a happy sewing day:)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The triple Zip Pouch!

I was visiting some of my favorite blogs and discovered that many of them are participating to a Triple Zip Along, when I saw the beautiful creations they have done, I decided to participate.
In this sew along we will create a pouch with three zippers, I love the idea. The instructions are on Debbie's blog,
"A quilter's table" and are excellent.

Here is the one I did

I tried to combine this Triple sew along with a course I took in craftsy, and that is why I finished this project, almost at the last minute, let me tell you.
The first step in this triple pouch is choosing fabrics, I started selecting these fabrics.

But I was taking an online course in Craftsy, the course is called Stupendous Stitching with Carol Ann Waugh.A course that fills us with inspiration, I'll write here her description of the course:

Set your sewing machine and imagination free in this fun exploration of embroidery designs, decorative sewing machine stitches, couching and binding. In Stupendous Stitching, you’ll learn how to incorporate all kinds of stitches into your next fiber art project.

Here I give you the link in case any of you want to have more information.

Was thus that I decided transform one of my fabrics:
from this
to this
My final selection of fabrics for making my pouch
It is not necessary to participate in this Triple sew along to get the tutorial, here I'll give you links to Debbie's blog.
The tutorial is divided into three parts
The first part is here
The second part is here
The third part is here
and thanks to the collaboration of Marci from Marci Girl Design, there is now a new tutorial where she explains a different way to finish up those pouches
here is the link
The first tutorial to make this triple zip pouch was made ​​by Debbie last year and always left me wanting to participate, the link to the first tutorial, complete, all in one post  is here on her blog A Quilter's table
What I did was print the first tutorial she has done in August last year, and then complete all the information with the other three tutorials that she created this year.
The flickr group where all participants are adding their photos are here
I can assure you that you are going to be delighted watching all these beautiful creations, you will find not just any photos, there are also discussions, links to other sites, really interesting to visit.
I think I have given a lot of information, I hope you find it useful.
Here I leave you with more pictures of my triple zip pouch.

I hope you liked my Triple Zip pouch, always remember that I love to
receive your comments, it is you who give me the inspiration to create.
Have a happy sewing day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The winner of the giveaway was...

Today February 13, 2013 is the big day of the GIVEAWAY, the winner of this fantastic software was picked by random.org.

I hope you will forgive me, but as in the list of comments I found comments that did not participate, I create this list to give a number to each comment posted and participating in this GIVEAWAY. Remember that to take part of this giveaway you  had to visit the My Memories and choose a
template. Based on the principles of participation, here is the list I made. Is based on this list that I chose the winner using random.org
1) Ana
4) Annelie
6) nissa
7)Robin from Fluster Buster
8) Robin from Fluster Buster
9) Robin from Fluster Buster
10) Pat
11) Pat
12) Pat
13) Mizbru
14) c.roberts- brown
15) Janice
16) Janice
17) Janice


 I have the honor to congratulate JANICE , she was the one who left the comment number 17!!!!!
I want to thank everyone who participated in this giveaway, and to all of
you who participated but did not win and always  have interest in this fantastic
software may I remind you that My Memories gave me a special for all of my
readers, They gave me this promo code (STMMMS93768) That I can share with
my family and friends (that's you).
 By using this code at MyMemories.com, you can get $ 10 off My Memories
Suite (you get it for $ 29.95 instead of $ 39.95) and You Also get a $ 10
gift certificate to use In Their online store!

 promo code: STMMMS93768
I encourage you to copy and paste the code to avoid typos when using it.
This  code is ONLY good for My Memories Suite v4.

Janice, now I have to contact My Memories, to get the promo code for you. As soon as I get it, I'll send the promo code to you by mail and then you will be able to download the software for free.

If you have questions please contact me, I will answer you with pleasure.
  One more time "JANICE" CONGRATULATIONS for winning this software .

I want to thank again to everyone who participated!!
Have a nice day!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Let's make a Shopping Bag for Valentine's Day

I just finished this shopping bag a few days ago, I've done this kind of bags before but this time I took pictures to share with you the tutorial.

Actually I don't know whether to say Shopping bag or if there is another
name for this type of bag, the fact is that is a bag unlined but where the
interior is neat, to achieve this I used the French seam. It is a bag that
is quick to make, is practical, and we can carry this practical bag in our
There are two ways to do it, either by cutting two fabric rectangles or one.

First you have to determine the final measure of your shopping bag, my
shopping bag measures 13 "wide by 17" in length. If these measures are
appropriate to you, then you can follow the steps that I used in my
tutorial, but I want you to know that with my explanations you can make a
shopping bag with the measure you want.

1) Cutting the fabric
If we do it with a single rectangle of fabric

a) The width
The width of your bag +1"
 For  my shopping bag, my final measure is 13" +1" = 14 "
b) The  length
the length of your bag, two times + 4"
My measures , 17"+ 17" + 4"= 38"
 Briefly I will cut a piece of fabric of 14 "x 38"
If we do it with two rectangles of fabric
a)The width
The width of your bag +1"
My final measure, 13" +1" = 14 "
b) The  length

The length of your bag + 3"
In my case, 17" + 3"= 20"
I will cut two rectangles of fabric that measure 20" x14"
2) Ironing the top edge
Fold the top edge 1" down, iron, fold again and iron.
Leave as it and move to the next stage.

3) Sewing ( the French seam)
Lay your fabrics wrong sides together  matching raw edges.
Do not forget to open the top edge that we had previously ironing, I just
ironed it for future reference later, when I will do the sewing of the
straps, make sure that all the raw edges matching!!
Pin edges together and sew with 1/4" seam, then trim seam allowance to
1/8", don't cut into your stitches, press.

I decided to use my serger

4)Turn inside out

Turn the bag inside out , now  the fabrics will be right sides together,
press and stitch in a 1/4" seam,  you have to enclose the trimmed seam
allowance. Since I decided to use a serger, I have no need to trim the

I want to share a tip with you , look at this photo, is the Edge Stitching
Foot, this is a foot that I use regularly. This foot has a flange on the
side for guiding the fabric, we just have to adjust the needle position and
we will get perfect seams along the edges of the fabric.In this case I
position it to sew, to 1/4'' from the edge.
I have to confess that I use this foot  all the time !
(Back to our project
Turn the bag right side out.
I cut two straps of 21 ", and fold at 3/4" from the edge.
Now the explanation it will be easier with the photos, remember that we had
ironed the top edge twice, ok, now that the french seam is finished, we will
re-fold the top edge twice and secure it with pins.

The next pictures will show you , how I put the straps on the top edge:

I put the straps 3 "from the sides
Once both straps are fastened to the front and the back, we will sew.

While this shopping bag is easy to do, try to write a tutorial for two ways
to do it, it  was a bit difficult for me. I added several photos to help you to
understand, hope I succeeded!
These shopping bags were a commission for the deaf center who frequent my
parents, that's why I embroidered the letters of the sign language. They
are red because they are a gift to people who frequent the center, on
valentines day.
I decided to give them a festive touch and made ​​some tags to decorate them.
I do not want to bore you with more explanations, but I want to share with
you the way I did the tags, here are photos I took , I think it will give
you an idea about the steps that I did.
To begin, I used the corrugated board, which comes in boxes to protect
fragile materials and here you will see the steps...


In the other hand ,I'm having fun with my memories scrapbooking software, I
made another photo montage.
Do not forget that the giveaway for this software remains open until
February 13, it is so easy to use and when it's free why not take
The link where you will find the information  for this giveaway is here.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I tried to do the best I could. If there
are spelling mistakes, I apologize, I also tried to do my best, my first
language is Spanish and I learn English with all of you.
I look forward to your comments.
Have a nice day!

Marisa :)


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