I bought the pattern for this purse on Etsy.
In my post you will find more details about this beautiful bag and a link to the site of the designer of this bag.
Blossom Handbag, from Amy Butler.
You can download the free pattern here.
Click here if you want to see more photos of this bag.
The Bali Bag.
In my post I explain the technique that I used to do this bag and I have added several links to interesting sites that also explains this technique.
 This is a pattern that I bought from anembroideredaffair, is a bag that I love so much, this bag not only  have 12 pockets and a zipper pocket inside, it has the distinction of being able to change the cover, something really practical. in my publication you'll find more photos and the site where you can purchase the pattern.
This is a free pattern. It was rewarding to do this bag, all the explanations are clear, in the tutorial
she showing us a lot of pictures making it much easier sewing this bag, if you are interested in making this bag, here you will find the direct link for the tutorial.
 This is a very nice bag to make, the pattern is free and you will find it here.
Bags I have done without any particular pattern:



Kimmy Phillips said...

OMG I just love some of your Bags.. I love the WAVE one.. I will have to make that one.. Thank you for Sharing.. I love to Quilt and Make Bags.. I did some for my Daughter in Law and a few friends. But I would like a Variety.. I am doing some Table runners and Getting Patterns cut out for Valentines.. Doing some Wall Quilts..
I saw you didn't have any Comments and I just can't figure out why..??? Your Projects are so Lovely...
Thank You Again..

Anonymous said...

I love your blog too! I also upcycle clothing and other fabric into tote bags and purses or whatever strikes me at the moment. I have tried a lot of crafts but always come back to sewing. I have wanted to start a blog to share my love for fabric and you have really inspired me to do that. Maybe this time I will. I want to do the scarf with the water sulable stabalizer soon. I tried to post earlier but something went wrong. I know have you in my favorites and look forward to seeing more of your creativity.

creativedawn said...

Your bags are gorgeous! love them!


Anonymous said...

I love your bags!! Best regards
Ulla in Sweden

Anonymous said...

Love the bags that you made without any particular patterns! Would really appreciate if you could share how you made them.. thanks for your inspirations.
Choon in Sydney

Leslie Duran said...

Your purses are beautiful! I am in love with the exchange bag!

Mandy A said...

Hi i hopped over from the bag loving blog hop! and oh my i love your bags!!!! especially the exchange bag and the blossom bag! very nice!

Cherry Davida said...

Cherry Davida Thankyou for sharing your creativity, I am feeling a bag making play day coming on.I ABSOLUTLY love the peg ,it has such a classic look.


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