Monday, February 9, 2015

Get connected with twitter and Instagrame.

Yesterday I decided to step forward with technology, there are a number of ways
to communicate and connect with all of you. Most of us have a blog, a Facebook
page, we collected beautiful projects that we pin to our boards on Pinterest,
we have an account with Google +......Then  I discovered that many of you have
an account with Instagram and Twitter, what can I say have motivated me
to create an account, well...I did it!!! NOW I'm on Instagram and Twitter. I
don't know how they work yet, but I'll throw myself into the adventure.
I think it's another way to share our creations, it's always inspiring to see
what other people are doing in the world.
If there are any among you, who want me to follow you, just let me know, it
will give me great pleasure to be your follower.
The next step is to create the social media buttons, I'm working on it....

Here are my badges....if you want to connect with me :)



Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi, I'm following you now Marisa on twitter and instagram and hope you follow me back there as well. I'm @brklynhousewife. I look forward to connecting with you!
Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

Anabelia Hand made said...

Hi Marisa! It's my pleasure to follow you in every place where I move, and I know you are following me back too. Kind regards!! :-)

Maria said...

Hi Marisa. I started using instagram so my daughter could see what I'm making as she's mostly on Instagram. I must admit I'm getting addicted to it but haven't advertised mine as I'm behind on blogging as it is but I do love how it's so instant. Just take a photo with you cell phone and post, much easier than blogging or having to upload photos to your computer to add to a blog or group.
I'm following you also.


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