Friday, November 9, 2012

The Exchange Bag.

I don't know if the same thing happens to you, but I've collected a amount of patterns bags. I have a fold on my computer that I named it bags, in that folder, I have  free patterns that I found online and other patterns that I bought and to complete this collection I've created a board on Pinterest with photos and tutorials of bags that I like.

Ok, the problem I have now is that when is time to decide which one to do,  I don't know where to start, because I like them all!

Last week I decided to make a bag for the winter, which begins soon here in Québec, so I started to look for a pattern, I have a huge collection as you know. After huge reflections, I decided to make this bag.
I love the shape of this bag, The finished dimensions of this bag are:
Heigth 9 inches (23cm)
Width 14 inches (36 cm)
Base 4 inches (10 cm)

I have to admit that this  bag is easy to do, this is a downloadable pattern, and  the explanations are clear. This bag has a shaped pocket at the front and back, and an inside pocket. It is
made from 3 contrasting fabrics ( I used just two fabrics) which allows us a great freedom to combine different fabrics, colors and textures ,and has a gusset base.


I bought the pattern for this purse on Etsy, this is the link if you are interest.
If you ask me, if I advise you to do it, I'd say yes because it was easy for me to do it. All you have to take into consideration are the measurements of the bag, if
what you want is a not very large handbag, this is an ideal handbag for you.
I hope you liked it and that you have discovered a new model of bag. Do not forget
to leave comments, I always like to know your opinion and I'm happy to answer your


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Have a happy sewing day!


patchouli moon studio said...

Oh yes I also have tons of bag patterns that I purchased or found for free online or even several I made up myself, so I know what you mean Marisa. You chose to make a really lovely bag that will go with so many outfits.

Ricochet said...

This is a fabulous bag! I love the fabrics--the whole thing screams winter and classy style.

Maria said...

I have just recently put all my files onto an external drive for fear of loosing them. I have about 4 years worth of collecting so there is alot. Unfortunately I don't make half as many as I collect. Lack of time really. I love yours. Perfect colours and fabric for the winter months and will match with anything you wear. Unusual style too. Haven't seen one like that before.

Pam said...

A classy and classic bag that will never go out of fashion, Marisa!!!

Donna said...

I love this bag. It is a classic that I am sure you will use for a long time

Wanda said...

Before I spring for this pattern, can I ask about the smaller opening. Do you use a purse organizer to switch from purse to purse? Or do you move all the contents on their own each time? If so, what does this pattern have for interior pockets? And do you find it tough to find things in it, where the top is so much smaller than the bottom? I am trying to think of whether this pattern could be adapted to make it bigger for actually using it, but make it look like this when being carried. Maybe a gusste and snaps where it slopes inward. Or maybe even invisible zippers int he seams. I need to think on this one. Love, love, love the look of it.

Little Blue Mouse said...

Your bag looks really classy in those fabrics, I like it.
The first bag I ever made was from a free tutorial online, but now I just make up my own.

nissaMade said...

lovely bag Marisa... thanks for sharing the designer's site. I too have a collection of patterns to work through!

Squirrels do Sew said...

Another wonderful project completed Marisa.

This bag looks stunning.

Marisa said...

Hi Wanda, actually the top of the bag, or the bag opening measures only 9 "wide. I agree that it is not very wide, but it is enough for that bag, it is a bag that is
not too large . in the pattern you will find explanations of how to do an internal pocket, I made two pockets, on one side using a zipper and on the other side I did
an inside pocket following the explanations of the pattern.

Your other question was, do you move all the contents each time on their own?
The answer is yes, although the name of the bag is The Exchange bag, this bag does not have a purse organizer to switch from purse to purse.
I think it's a pattern that can be modified to make it bigger, and if you have experience you can add more items.

This bag is easy to do, what I most like is the shape, and the external pockets.
I hope I have answered all questions, if you need more information do not hesitate to contact me. Marisa-

Liz - Moments said...

WOW, the bag is gorgeous !
Love the fabrics you used
A very interesting design...I like it ! :-)


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