Thursday, September 22, 2016

After a year, I'm here again with you...

Hello friends, it has been almost a year that I've been forced to set aside this beautiful virtual world due to health reasons.

Last year, I was diagnosed with cancer. Luckily after an operation, some exams and biopsies I'm in remission.
On the other hand, I'm taking care of my dear parents. My mother ( 94 years young!!!) was diagnosed with Alzheimer and has lost autonomy. My father ( almost 94 years young!!!) also has health issues. They both live with me and taking care of them takes several hours of my day.

For these reasons, I had to set aside my sewing machine and started to crochet. It's now a hobby and a new passion that allows me to be creative and to be close to my parents whenever they need me.

I want to thank my friends on blogger that although they didn't know the reason of my absence, they still encouraged me by giving a like on my posts on Facebook and Instagram .
I want to thank Maria from Mia's creations and Pam from Threading my way for your support! I have know them for many years on blogger and for me you are my  precious  bloggy friends!

The next posts will be about crochet. I discovered many designers and have made some creations that I will share with you in the upcoming weeks.

See you soon.

Have a nice and creative day!!!


Judith said...

Wow, Marisa - I'm so glad you are back, so glad to read your words and looking forward to your patterns. Bless you...

Anna said...

I'm glad your are back !!!
Hope you'll be good and start beautiful creations !!!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

So glad you are back my friend!!! I've missed you. Sending you hugs from Down Under. xxx

bebe45106 said...

So glad you are back! My best wishes as caregiver. It is a difficult thing to go through.


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