Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Creating with fabric scraps

Today I'll share with you another technique that  I used to create the fabric  for
this cell phone case.

The first step is obviously to put together pieces of fabric that combine well with
each other. One way I found to organize my small pieces of fabric, is put all this
scraps of fabric in bottles according to color shades.

Here are my scraps of fabric that I will use, now we can begin...

What we will do is sew these pieces, right sides together, no matter at first the
different widths of fabric. To begin let's cut the edges so they are straight

put the fabrics right sides together, match the edges and sew using 1/4" allowance
from the edge

The amount of fabric I'm going to join depends on the size of the pattern, for a
cell phone case I do not need much.
I sewed a few pieces, right side together,  without consider whether the width of
the fabrics matches or not, because I will fix it in the next stage.

Here are my strips fabric, once completed this stage, I'm going to cut them so that
all edges are straight

Now we have to start sewing all these bands of fabric together, to do that, we will
place right sides together, matching the edges and sew using 1/4" allowance from the
edge, if the band is narrow we can sew  1/8" from the edge.

Flip this piece over to conceal the seam and expose the right side and press.

Cut the ends

 the pieces are ready and we can start to decorate the fabric

Before I started to sew with my decorative stitches  I made a sandwich with a
layer of stabilizer first, then a layer of batting and finally I center the piece of fabric on top and then I started doing the embellishment .We are going to decorate the fabric, using the  decorative stitches of  our sewing machines...

Here I'll show some close-up pictures that I took. If you look at the photos, you will see that I also
used the straight stitch to draw triangles, lines, you can actually create what you
want. If you feel comfortable using the free motion, this is the time to do it, in
my case the free motion is something I have to practice. Choose a thread color to
highlight, because this is what will give a nice touch of personality to your

When I finished the embellishment I cut my pieces according to the measure of my
patterns and then I started to sew my iPod case.
I used the same patterns that I shared with you in the previous tutorial, the only
difference was, that when I was drawing the pattern to the back side I've put together the
patterns A and C to create a single pattern. Here is the link to these patterns.
Only remove 1/4 "of each pattern , join them and draw it again.

(you can click on the image to enlarge)

Now you are ready to sew another case, the steps are the same as in the previous
tutorial, here is the direct link to the tutorial. I hope that you liked this new
technique to create a piece of fabric . If you sew a case, I would like to
encourage you to share it with me, if you have a blog, you can leave your link and
I would love to visit you.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I always appreciate your comments and new

Enjoy and have a nice day!!1


Maria said...

Hoy soy la primera. LOLLLLLL
Love your tutorial. I think it's wonderful how a beautiful piece of fabric can be made from scraps that are supposedly of no use. I love your colour choices. Makes me want to get my scraps out now.
Thanks Marisa.

Judith said...

Great ideas--thanks!

Marisa said...

Thank you Judith. I'm glad that you liked !!

Marisa said...

Thank you for your comment Maria.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I hope to make one soon. I have lots of small scraps. Lol! Don't we all?!

Squirrels do Sew said...

What a lovely cellphone case and a great tutorial!

Angel Allen said...

This is to cute. I want to try one also.

Anonymous said...

I love this it is exactly what I have been looking for, you are so kind to share these awesome patterns. THANK YOU SO MUCH. BEA


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