Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Recycled Cans "Round 1" .

From long time ago I want to do a recycling project for the blog, lately I
started to collect some cans. I chose those cans we buy in grocery stores and
usually bring inside, tomatoes, soup, a bit of everything, you know which are
the cans I'm talking about.
My idea was to get several cans of different sizes but I started with what I had on hand.
I call this tutorial "Round 1", because I think I'm going to recycle more cans
in the future and would be interesting to do a round two and then a three, it
would be interesting to see all that I can create, back to putting feet on land...
 I begin by round 1.

Desde hace tiempo que yo quiero  hacer un proyecto de reciclaje para el blog,
últimamente empezé a juntar algunas latas.  elegí  esas latas   que compramos en los supermercados  y que normalmente traen en su interior , tomates, sopas, un poco de todo,  ya saben cuales son las latas de las que  estoy hablando.

 Mi idea era conseguir varias latas, de diferentes tamaños , pero bueno empezé con las que tenia a  mano .  Decidí dar el nombre de "Round 1" a  este tutorial  , pues pienso que voy a reciclar mas latas en el futuro y seria interesante hacer un round dos y luego un tres, seria interesante ver todo lo que puedo crear, pero volviendo a poner los pies sobre la tierra, empiezo por el round 1!

Doing this project I discovered that there are two types of can opener, the
first group that cut the can, horizontally, and leaves a sharp edge. The other
opener that cut vertically, leaving a perfect edge for our projects.

Do you see the  green tape that you see over the edge? I put it to protect me from the sharp edge, when I started this project the only can opener I had was the one who cuts horizontally.
That's the green tape for painters, is usually used to protect
areas that do not want to paint, and I thought to use it as it has an adhesive

Descubrí haciendo este proyecto que hay dos tipos de abre latas , el primer
grupo que corta la lata, de manera horizontal, y que deja un borde filoso y bien peligroso.

Los otros abrelatas que cortan en forma vertical, dejan un borde perfecto para
nuestros proyectos.

La cinta verde que ustedes  ven sobre el borde, la puse para protegerme de el
borde filoso, cuando comenzé este proyecto el único abrelatas que tenia era el
que corta horizontal. Esa es  la cinta verde que usan los pintores , es la  que
generalmente usamos para proteger las zonas que no queremos pintar, y se me
ocurrió usarla pues tiene un lado adhesivo.

The cans must be well washed, dried and sanded to create a rough surface where the paint can adhere.
After sanding, I decided to use a sealant, I used a
product called "Liquitex medium" is a material that is used to prepare surfaces
in my case gave me the grip I wanted. I was afraid that after the paint was dry,
becomes detached from the can. I got the "Liquitex" at a store called
"Michaels", it exists in several places but can be found in any store that sells
materials to make crafts.

When the sealant is dry, paint with white acrylic paint. After the paint is dry,
we can start decorating.

Las latas tienen que estar bien lavadas, secas y lijadas, para crear una
superficie rugosa donde la pintura se pueda adherir. luego de el lijado,
decidí usar un sellante, usé un producto que se llama "Liquitex medium". Este  es un material que se usa para preparar las superficies, en mi caso me dio la
adherencia que yo buscaba.

Yo tenia miedo que luego que la pintura estuviera
seca , se despegara de la lata. Yo conseguí el "Liquitex" en una tienda
llamada " Michaels ", se que existe en varios lugares sino la pueden encontrar
en cualquier tienda donde vendan materiales para hacer artesanía.

Cuando el sellante esta seco, pinte con pintura acrílica blanca, luego que la
pintura está seca, podemos comenzar a decorar

I made several cans, I'll show you pictures of them. Then I will show pictures
of the steps I did to make one, let's start with the photos of the finished cans .

Hice varias latas y les voy a mostrar algunas fotos que tomé de ellas, mas
adelante les voy a mostrar fotos de los pasos que hice para decorar una de ellas.

Here I'll  show you the steps that I did  to make the decoration of this tin.

Aqui les muestro las etapas que hice para decorar esta lata

After the white paint was dry, I added a light blue color paint.

Luego que la pintura blanca estaba seca , agregué una  pintura color celeste .

I have put on the table, all the objects that I liked and that I could use to decorate.

Pusé sobre la mesa,  todos los objetos que me gustaban y que podria usar  para
decorar .

First item, jute and hot glue gun.

Primer elemento, jute y pistola de cola caliente

I love this butterfly!

Me encanta esta mariposa.

I would like to add a detail on the edge of the can.

Me gustaria agregarle un detalle en el borde de la lata.

...the final touch was the blue button.

El toque final fue el boton azul.

To decorate the other cans  I   used jute, burlap, glued paper, fabric, ribbons
I also used a wooden heart, fabric flowers ... everything is in the imagination,
and do not forget to save the next cans and recycle them .... because it's

Las otras latas yo las decore usando jute, burlap, pegué papel, tela , también
use Cintas de tela, un corazón en madera, flores en tela...todo esta en la imaginación,
y no se olviden de guardar las próximas latas y reciclar, pues es hermoso!

I'll have to create a new page with the name CRAFTS, where to put these
creations that are not in fabric, nor in wool but from a varied origin
Hopefully you enjoyed this post, by my side I enjoyed this creation and was a

nice experience to write this tutorial for you.

Voy a tener que crear una nueva pagina con el nombre CRAFTS , donde poner estas creaciones que no son ni en tela, ni en lana, sino de  origen variado.
Ojala hayan disfrutado de este post , yo por mi lado disfruté de esta creación y
fué una linda experiencia la de escribir este tutorial para

This was my first post in English and Spanish, I hope you liked it. I'm looking forward to reading your comments, see you soon.

Este fué mi primer post en inglés y español, ojala les haya gustado. Estoy deseando leer vuestros comentarios, nos vemos pronto.

Marisa :)

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Kate said...

Well done, Marissa. Your recycled cans are quite lovely and I admire that you are trilingual. Thanks for sharing your how-to.

Anonymous said...

Hola Marisa, Felicitaciones por tus creaciones. Me encantó como reciclastes las latas de alimentos. Elegiste muy bien las combinaciones de colores y materiales . T te quedaron impecables. Besos grande tu prima Ana

Anna said...

Gorgeous !

Lisa Ehrman said...

These are wonderful! Soooo cute :)

Squirrels do Sew said...

I just love the tins Marisa. Well done!

silvia castro said...

muy lindo trabajo Marisa,precioso!!!

Reina Ri said...

Que lindos te quedaron, muchas gracias por compartir tus magníficas ideas, saludos

Lisa said...

I do like it very much! I too like to recycle. It is great to see new ideas! I bet you could sell those cans!

Marge Goh said...

Marissa this is so lovely. Great work dear.

Pam @Threading My Way said...

You are so creative, Marisa!!! Love them all...

Viviana said...

Este fin de semana compré mi pistola de pegar eléctrica... pero aún tengo miedo de usarla!!!!

SoyMama blog

Adriana DB said...

Me encantaron Marisa, cada detallito que le agregaste me enamore de este proyecto. Gracias por compartirlo y por unirte!! ^_^

Anna-Marie Field said...

Hi There,What a great recycling idea!!!We always need containers for everything and this is so useful!!!Thank you!!!Looking forward to the next tutorials!!Have a happy week!!!

patchouli moon studio said...

The cans are beautiful Marisa! I like to cut out pictures from magazines and catalogs and decoupage over cans. But the embellished touches are your cans are so pretty.

Laura Rodriguez said...

I love them!! you really transform them into something you can find in a decoration store! Good job!

jd said...

your recycled cans are lovely - and useful. if you intend to make very many of them, you might want to try Rustoleum spray. it adheres to metal without the scraping and priming. actually contains the primer. comes in all kinds of colors - at places like michael's and at hardware stores.

jd in st louis

Three Sheep Studio said...

Love this idea...
Would look great with some stitchery or rug hooking around the cans, too !

Emma Burns said...

Lovely what you have done to the cans. Nice and fresh looking and great recycling x

Maria said...

I love recycling and your cans are just perfect. So pretty. Thanks for sharing how you did it. I love your tutorials.

Lori WhoNeedsaCape said...

Great job making these cans beautiful! Found on The Pin Junkie :)

Would love to have them linked up at SUPER SUNDAY Link Party:

Not Your Average Super Moms!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I
am waiting for your next write ups thanks once again.

my web site :: painting techniques

Olga said...

Hola Marisa, nice to meet you. You have a lovely blog with many fun craft ideas.
These recycled cans are super cute.

Theresa said...

Hi Marissa, Thanks for sharing & linking up your project! Your comments went through, but landed in spam. I took them out. I don't know why spam filters are seeing your comments as spam. But, since I always check them every few days I fix them. Always good to see you & what you are creating! Theresa @ DearCreatives.com

Connie said...

Marissa these are just too cute! I remember making projects like this.....a long time ago LOL! Thanks for sharing.
Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

Robin Buster said...

They all turned out so beautiful! I'm going to find me one of those can openers that you were talking about. Thanks for stopping by and linking up to Fluster Buster's Creative Muster Party! Looking forward to seeing what you're going to link up next week.

Robin @ Fluster Buster

Maz Kwok said...

This is a very nice idea. Thanks for sharing your lovely projects at Crafting Along :)

Kathy Penney said...

These are gorgeous! You did a great job! I'd love to have them in my home. Thank you for sharing at All Things Pretty last week. Hope you come back soon!

Kasia Michoń said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, I also think that your blog is full of inspiration and great ideas-all the best from Poland

Rory Brio said...

Marisa, I think the way you transformed these recycled cans is simply wonderful!! Love them :)


Maria Connie Raposo said...

Such a great idea . i love your work !!!! AMAZING !!!

Maria Connie Raposo said...

Such a great idea . i love your work !!!! AMAZING !!!

Maria Connie Raposo said...

Such a great idea . i love your work !!!! AMAZING !!!

Katie Kallies said...

These look great!!

Olga Deeva said...

It's so lovely! Thank you for idea!


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