Friday, March 21, 2014

My bohemian style "Wrap Bracelet".

Although I have not been actively participating in online social groups, I 
assure you I was using every spare minute to create something. I like to vary 
my projects and that is why I have many projects at once and lack of time to finish all. The time will always be my worst enemy, I know I am not the only one to spread the hours of the day between the family, the house and certain obligations that comes with age. Even though I have no time this blog is my baby and allowed me to discover many new friends also  new  passions and I want to share with you new creations and tutorials, took me long time .. but here it is my new creation... I want to share the pictures of my wrap bracelet, with you.
What can I say .... I love it! From some time ago I wanted to make a bracelet 
with this bohemian style and after several hours of work ... I finished!  Once 
you understand the technique is fast to do.....ok I have to say relatively 
fast, I think it took me about 8 hours, no exaggeration!!!
There are several online tutorials that explain how to do it, you will be able
to find excellent videos on you tube.
They were the colors of the earth who gave me the inspiration to make this 
bracelet. I did it using 5mm beads that were hand sewn on a leather cord 1.5mm 
thick. The earth colors are my favorite colors and what else can I say .. this 
is my personal model from which I hope to do a few more to put them on sale!

Aunque no he estado activamente participando en los grupos sociales online, les
aseguro que estuve utilizando cada minuto libre para crear algo. En realidad  
me gusta variar en mis proyectos y es por eso que tengo a la vez varios 
proyectos que he comenzado y que voy terminando tranquilamente.

El tiempo será siempre mi peor enemigo, yo sé que no soy la única a repartir 
las horas del día entre la familia, la casa y ciertas obligaciones que vienen 
con los años. Pero este blog es mi bebe y me permitió descubrir muchos nuevos 
amigos y amigas así como nuevas pasiones y  quiero seguir compartiendo con 
ustedes mis creaciones y tutorials aunque me lleve tiempo. 
Hoy he subido fotos de mi más reciente creación, les gusta?
Que les puedo encanta! Hace tiempo que yo me quería hacer una 
pulsera  con este estilo, yo diría un estilo bohemio y luego de varias horas 
de trabajo...lo termine! Yo creo que me llevo unas 8 horas, no exagero. Una vez
que comprendemos la técnica se hace rápido, o sería mejor decir relativamente 
Hay varios tutoriales online que explican cómo hacerlo, ustedes podrá encontrar
hasta en you tube  excelentes videos.
Fueron los colores de la tierra los que me dieron la inspiración para hacer 
esta pulsera.  Lo hice usando perlas de 5mm,  que fueron cosidas  a mano sobre
una cuerda de cuero de 1.5mm de espesor, los colores tierra son 
mis colores preferidos y que más les puedo decir..este es mi modelo personal  a
partir del cual espero hacer unos cuantos más para ponerlos a la venta!

I'll try to make a tutorial when I make the next wrap bracelet, I assure you 
it's easy to do! It's just a matter of patience.
Cuando yo haga el próximo wrap bracelet, voy a intentar a hacer un tutorial 
yo  se los aseguro ..... es fácil de hacer! Solo es cuestión de paciencia!
Have a beautiful and creative day!!!
A thousand hugs !!!
Marisa :)

 I'm linking this project to Crafty Allie.


Catarina Stout said...

I LOVE this bracelet! Great work!

Dawn Renee ' said...

Absolutely stunning!! You did a fabulous job and cannot wait for your tutorial, thank you for sharing!

patchouli moon studio said...

That is a beautiful bracelet Marisa! I know what you mean about having so many different types of things you like to create and trying to find the time to finish them. That's me. I start on so many things and some get finished and others don't, but I try to finish them.

Ольга Тарасенко said...

Мне нравится) Красиво)

Tory Burch flats sale said...

The designer of my dress responded quickly to inquiries and the dress did arrive faster than expected. For me it was a bit long, even with heels, and I'm 5'5. If you are petite, expect to have to have it fitted.

Heather's Haven said...

Great job on the bracelet!

Happy Creating

Cynthia Banessa said...

Your bracelets are beautiful! Thanks for stopping by

Marisa Garcia said...


Maria said...

This bracelet is gorgeous. You're so clever with all the lovely crafts you do.


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