Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Let's make a Sausage Pillowcase

I have to confess that for quite a certain time, I'm thinking of making covers for my pillowcase, I think it's a way to customize the decoration of a room.
The technique that I will use today to perform them, is called, the technique of the sausage pillowcase, and when you'll see the pictures then you will understand why it is called so.
These cases are sewn in a couple of hours, what actually took me longer was choosing the fabrics....

What is special about this type of case, is that when you finish it, we will not see any seams inside. To me this is magic, when I discovered this technique, I said to myself that I had to try to make a couple of them and see the result, I checked and I can confirm, when you finish the pillowcase,  the seams are not seen and especially,  these covers are beautiful!

Another thing before I start, I don't  know who created this technique, there is much information online, I'll put at the end of this post a link to a video on you tube that also explains this technique and that inspired me to do this tutorial.

That being said, I'll show you how we do.

These are the fabrics that I'm going to use,
1) Cutting the fabric
For a standard pillowcase you will need 3 different fabrics.
Body- 45" X 23"
Accent- 45" X 2"
Cuff- 45" X 11"
2) Place the fabric in order to sew
First we will prepare the accent fabric, fold the fabric in half lengthwise
and press wrong sides together.
Then you lay your fabrics down like this: first the body right side up,then place
the accent fabric matching raw edges, and finally the last fabric to add is the
cuff right side down, always matching raw edges.

3) Sewing
Now we will place pins along all these fabrics and we'll sew all three pieces using
1/8" seam allowance.

4) Rolling the body part

The next part is the most important, and is the reason why we call this technique,
the sausage pillow: begin to roll up the body part, we start to roll up from the bottom, to the cuff.
This is what we call the sausage.
5) Wrap the sausage
Is difficult to explain in words what follows, looking at the photos and you will
better understand what I'm trying to explain.
Now, take the bottom edge of the cuff,and we will wrap the sausage fabric that we
previously did,

this photo is to show that I turned the pillow,and the cuff is now down side

Take the bottom edge of the cuff piece and bring it to the top

Pin edges together and sew with 1/4" seam.

6) Pull the  fabric out
Once you have completed this portion pull the body out
7) Press
The most important thing now is to iron the fabric, Here is ready for ironing
8) Sew a French seam
Pin the pillow wrong sides together
sew the side and bottom  using a 1/4-inch seam.

Pay attention to the next picture
 In  the next picture there is an error,in the text we would have to read:

with wrong sides together

 I want to thank Madeleine, she was the person who advised me of this error, thanks Madeleine!
trim seam allowance to 1/8", don't cut into your stitches, press.
Turn the pillow inside out and, the fabrics will be rigth sides together, press and
stitch in a 1/4" seam, one more time all down the case and toward  the bottom, you
have to enclose the trimmed seam allowance.

Press, turn one more time inside out and you did it, you can admire your sausage
pillow case!

I made my pillows in colors that go with the colors of my bedroom, but the color
combinations that we can use are endless.
I've already said before that I belong to several yahoo groups, one of which is the  An   Embroidered Affair yahoo group, one of the group members is Linda, and she allowed me to share with you some pictures of the  pillowcase that she has done.
they are adorable!!!!

I asked her permission to upload these photos to the blog, because I wanted to share them with you. I love the combination of colors she has chosen and the detail with embroidered names that give personality to the project.
 I hope you enjoy these pictures, thank you Linda, for allowing me to share your photos on my blog.


I leave here a link to the you tube video that inspired me to make this tutorial.
I am currently making buttoned cushions, and certainly will be my next tutorial.
Do not forget to leave me comments, I always like to know if you liked the project.
 I also want to thank all the new followers who have joined our blog and remind you
that new followers are always welcome. 
I'm linking this tutorial to Threading My Way, Link Party.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial


Maria said...

I love your tutorial Marisa and would like to try them out sometime. I've never seen them done like this before. Your cat matches your pillowcases too. LOLLL Thanks

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Hope you don't mind, but I'm pinning this for future reference, Marisa. Next pillowcase I make, I'll definitely try this. I know it'll make sense when I have the fabric in front of me. Thank for sharing how you made yours!!!

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

Thank you for the tutorial Marisa. I have made a pillowcase like this before when one of my friends showed a group of how to make them. Then we made a lot of pillowcases for charity. You are right that it takes longer choosing the fabrics than it does to sew the pillowcase!

Carla Belyea said...

I love the tutorial. I made a new pillowcase for my mom using it. I uploaded a photo of my creation, made in flannel, minus the accent fabric, at

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your explanation. You're right, there are a number of these cases on the Net, but I think your explanation is most clear. Happy stitching...

Cary, NC, USA


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